We constantly challenge the norms. Layering depth and diversity with an endlessly-adaptive approach, we conjure creative platforms that breakthrough the clutter. And if you are looking to silence the noise, we do that too.

Forensic research and clearheaded analysis inform every effective strategy. They drive the creative platforms and innovative tactics that are the hallmarks of our work. Whether the challenge is corporate positioning or market activation, the rules are the same. We have applied these insights for corporate giants like Lockheed Martin, Lufthansa Group, Four Seasons Hotels and Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment and for iconic brands such as Glenfiddich, Labatt, Porsche Design and Kohler.
Public relations is a key brand driver, frequently taking precedence over paid media in a new world in which consumers gain their product insights through trusted media and peers. With exciting results in digital marketing as well as traditional media, the Jesson team has helped some of the world’s leading brands develop their brand strategies and plans. P&G, Unilever, Labatt, Four Seasons Hotels and Porsche Design have all turned to Jesson to extend the reach and value of their brands.
Medium is message. It’s never been more true. Both on and offline communications must transcend platforms to drive an integrated brand image. We get it. Our results speak for themselves – Jesson continues to break records with media coverage delivering millions of media impressions every year for our roster of demanding clients. Achieving this kind of success calls for sound strategy, innovative thinking and the dexterity to seize opportunities and move on them. In a 24/7 news cycle, breaking through is more challenging than ever. We deliver.
Crisis creeps insidiously or arrives with a bang – a product flaw, tampering, an assault on shares, death, accident, threat, just one disgruntled voice becomes an avalanche. You need perspective, calm and deep experience, deft action and insightful solutions. Planning and preparation are key. We offer crisis planning expertise, crisis simulation training and all aspects of stakeholder communications. Ultimately how you communicate will determine outcomes. We’ve seen it all from product failures to attempted corporate takeovers. Suffice to say that we have been at the table providing counsel, prepared countless internal and external communications, fielded media inquiries, and consulted with government and law enforcement. We can help.
It starts with breakthrough creative. But the best idea will flounder without flawless execution. Whether it’s a flash mob, a media event, a trade show exhibit, or and Annual General Meeting, the principles are the same. If you need to rock the world for a new product launch, we give you novel ideas that target your consumer. We’ve delivered complex media conferences involving the Toronto Raptors and Maple Leaf teams, casino ground breakings as well as Robbie Burns Day whisky nosings and other consumer events. We have engaged teams of influencers to sample and extend product awareness, and implemented programs across Canada and in the border states. From street-savvy popups and rock concerts to board dinners, we have got you covered!
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