Barbara Jesson on CTV

Barbara Jesson visits CTV to discuss Canadian scandals and the potential repercussions

Toronto, June 20, 2013 – Has Canada’s squeaky-clean image been tarnished as a result of the recent political scandals across the country? From the drug allegations against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, to the expanding Senate Scandal, the Canadian brand is deteriorating around the world and it may have devastating economic effects.

Barbara Jesson, president of Jesson + Company Communications Inc. was on CTV yesterday, June 19, to discuss how the recent scandals may have severe consequences on Canada’s reputation around the world.

“It seems to be when you are travelling, it is all people are talking about,” said Jesson. “They (the rest of the world) expect us to set a better standard.”

On the potential economic impact, Jesson believes our sinking reputation can have a severe impact on money coming into the country and on Canadian business relationships abroad. “Tourism… business partners… international investments… I think it (the scandals) have some very serious implications for us.”

Jesson believes there is still hope to salvage Canada’s reputation and that the public need to demand more of their elected officials. “Other countries find the courage to speak up and say this just isn’t tolerable… Canadians are a bit ambivalent about some of this,” explained Jesson. “Canadians have to set those expectations.”

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