What Has Your Agency Done For You Lately?

I am just so darned proud of the team here at Jesson. Agencies run by all kinds of rules.  Some start the clock and put down their tools when the time expires whether they have results or not.  Some just give up at the first roadblock.  The Jesson team works smarter and harder but it is also true that they never give up.  It can sometimes be tough to make money when your people think this way, but I am philosophical.  Somehow I know that if our clients succeed, we will.  Investment pays off.  Our real ace-in-the-hole is of course veteran Nicola Blazier whose no-nonsense approach to working with the media means intense research, targeted relevancy and relationships that span decades.  Nicola is the reason our data bases are richer and deeper than other shops.  And that’s where it starts. But in this era of texts and tweets, she still argues persuasively for picking up the phone.  Think of that.  And you can’t imagine how successfully she wields this ancient instrument!

Monica Garcia, another member of the senior team rides herd on us all — ensuring that fine details are never over-looked. It defies believing how often an agency fails because they missed some really obvious bit of minutia.  Of course Nic and Monica are backed by a SWOT team of dynamic young people that drive ideas, innovation and creative tactical delivery.  Take a look at our results for Cuba tourism.  They came to us in December looking for help in diversifying their profile as a traditional sun and sand destination. We hit the ground running and didn’t look back delivering almost 115 million media impressions including  3 front page stories in the Travel Section of the Toronto Star in just six months. Thank you Rebecca and team Cuba!  Rebecca also gets kudos for her efforts for Markham developer Remington Group, pulling in 22 million media impressions and another front page, this time in The Star’s real estate section. Of course, no one does these things alone. Unless perhaps its Nicola;)

Other highlights include some stunning wins for veteran hotel InterContinental Toronto Center with full credit to Harleen who single handedly delivered 82 million media impressions year-to-date. Harleen just wound down some work for Colorado state tourism with 78.5 million media impression in 2017 —  and then she kicked off our new account with Holiday Luggage pulling in 17 million media impressions for the first event.  Awesome!

Then there is Liam who shed some much needed light on the winners of this year’s Canadian Whisky Awards, with impressive national coverage of over 38.4 million impressions. The announcement was picked up in all Post Media outlets, as well as a number of U.S. outlets drove us to 54.4 million impressions. Liam has also taken on our newest client Cesari fine wines of Verona.

Prominent media, Sommeliers and wine enthusiasts joined Cesari Wines Brand Ambassador, Iris Di Cicco for wine tasting events at the Toronto’s Summerhill and Ottawa’s Rideau Street LCBO. This is what leading wine critic and influencer Robert Park had to say about the award-winning Amarone Della Valpolicella:

“This exuberant wine shows fruity opulence on the one side and sophisticated spice and leather on the other,” said leading wine critic and influencer, Robert Parker. “These converging forces produce a great sense of persistence and length. This wine is put together nicely with all its elements stitched tightly together. Yet, it also shows that sweet fruity opulence that you should expect of Amarone.”

Congratulations, Liam.

And Shauna who just helped announce the new Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski La Habana with high profile stories in the Food and Wine, Travel and Leisure, Robb Report, Miami Herald to name a few — just to underscore that we are equally effective in the U.S. and other foreign markets. I could go on — citing great work by a number of others Jose, Emma and the rest of the team — you know who you are and how proud I am of each of you. But I also want to do a call-out to the young interns from Humber College who joined us recently.  I am just blown away by the talent that we see coming from these programs. Ryan and Jessica it is just such a pleasure to have you on board and thank you to you, as well of the rest of the team, for all the wonderful energy you are bringing to your work. So for those of you reading this blog, I want to ask you:  What has your agency done for you lately?  If the answer is less than exciting, we would love the chance to show you what we can do!

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