The Great Communicator

Bank of England, Mark Carney, England, Canada

Move over Ronald Reagan, Canada’s Mark Carney has just taken the podium!  Carney, who takes over the post as Governor of the Bank of England in June of next year, is being hailed as the best banker of his generation.  But here in Canada, it is his leadership skills that helped steer us through the recent recession that are receiving high praise.  In fact, his leadership has been so inspiring he is being touted as a possible contender for Prime Minister even without any previous political experience.

And what are the skills that make him a top candidate for the country’s future leadership?  Well for sure he knows his stuff.  More than that, “He is an excellent communicator who goes straight to the point,” says Louis Gagnon, professor of finance at Queen’s University, as quoted in the Globe and Mail.  Mr. Carney has not only been a voice of calm through one of the most challenging times in recent history, but he takes the time to communicate frequently and clearly.

Professor Gagnon went on to say that Mr. Carney is remarkably good at explaining complex political actions in a simple manner “bringing transparency to a process that is inherently opaque.”

So there you have it folks.  It’s true.  Really great leaders have to be good communicators.  They need the rhetoric to inspire like Winston Churchill and the down-home folksiness of a Bill Clinton.  Reagan’s amiable humour was also an important part of his charisma.

Not everyone comes to these skills naturally, but almost everyone can learn to communicate more effectively by watching and learning from people who do it well, and through practice.  Not only is frequent communication a valued asset in a great leader, but frequent communication also helps to hone their skills.

So hear this Canadian Public Relations Society:  Mark Carney is my nominee for next year’s CEO of the Year.  Congratulations, Mr. Carney and thank you! Your new appointment is well deserved.

Posted on Friday, November 30, 2012 in Communications and Leadership


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