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English Dictionary

Words Words Words

I just love words.  Yes, I am one of those geeks that reads the dictionary.  And when I hear a new word, I roll it around in my mouth until I can say it and then look for ways to put it to work.  The thesaurus is one of my best friends.  I know all the…

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Bank of England, Mark Carney, England, Canada

The Great Communicator

Move over Ronald Reagan, Canada’s Mark Carney has just taken the podium!  Carney, who takes over the post as Governor of the Bank of England in June of next year, is being hailed as the best banker of his generation.  But here in Canada, it is his leadership skills that helped steer us through the…

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Barbara Blog Quick Bio

A lateral thinker, recognized for her creative ideas and innovative problem solving, Barbara is frequently sought for challenges which demand unique and innovative strategies or tactics.

Connected through communication

McLuhan’s 21st Century Renaissance

I just read the New York Times review of Douglas Coupland’s new book on Marshall McLuhan. In summary, McLuhan revealed the workings of an emerging global village in which the medium or means of conversation defined it and really set the framework for understanding. Reviewer David Carr begins with the following: “Oh boy, yet another…

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