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bear eats old lady

Canada in the News

One of the things out of office travel affords me is a chance to catch up on my reading.  I load my carry-on up with my recent magazines and read and discard as I go.  And it is amazing the trivia I collect that lends zest to my day.  Without prioritizing any of these, I…

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Rob Ford with reporters

Countries Have Brand Images Too

One of our team members just told me that our client Lufthansa German Airlines has been voted by Travel + Leisure readers as the world’s safest airline.  None of this should surprise us.  Certainly this is due to the airlines superior track record, but we shouldn’t underestimate the halo the airline receives from the German…

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Blackberry keyboard

Canadian PR – the RIM and Yang

The morning papers brought yet another round of reasons why the practice of PR in Canada can be so completely frustrating.  You are going to have to stay with me here — follow the bouncing ball:  I am actually one of those people that enjoys the National Post — don’t get me wrong.  I don’t…

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Canada and USA Flags

American Spin – the PR Skinny on July 4th

One of our European accounts has a new PR Director assigned to their US office.  He just spent his first July 4th in the US market and was deeply moved by his experiences on the streets of New York.  He described his feelings hearing thousands of voices joined in the singing of the “Star Spangled Banner.”  Then…

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Children's Hands

International Day of Pink

Bullying seems to be pushing everyone’s hot buttons these days.  The publicity around a rash of suicides by young people who have been tormented by their peers has found deep resonance in the documentary “Bully“, which follows the struggles of five students who have been harrassed for being gay, skinny, awkward, too short, too fat or…

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Gambling dice

Rolling the Dice

Looks like the Ontario government isn’t the only one betting on the roulette wheel to bail out government coffers.  According to the Economist, the need for revenue has cash-strapped state and local governments in the US scrapping restrictions on alcohol sales, gambling and even fire works!  Last year Massachusetts became the 24th US state to…

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Parliament Hill in Ottawa

Rise Up

I have a friend who regularly asks why I don’t engage more actively politically.  “Don’t you care?” she rails at me.  It isn’t that I don’t care but that I care too much.  If I reflect too deeply on what is occuring politically in Canada, I just feel the rage and impotence boil over.   I…

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